WordPress And Genesis

I’ve been working with WordPress for a long time now. In the past I built sites with a lot of CMS systems before I found my favorite, which I’ve stuck with the longest. After getting fluent with WordPress, I investigated various frameworks for building within WordPress. Genesis fit very well – it’s very well-suited for someone who is a theme-builder with good CSS and PHP ability. It’s highly flexible, has solid code, and has just enough killer development features without massive code bloat.

I do work with all kinds of other themes and frameworks, too. It’s a big world, and there are many great systems available.

Giving Back

I spend a fair amount of time helping out in the Genesis support forums. I have 1200+ posts on there, and of those, only two are questions that I’ve asked, all the rest are posts helping others. As Genesis grew more popular, the number of newbies increased quickly. If a non-developer wants to change something that’s more than a small tweak, they have to have some technical ability, or at least the willingness to ask politely for help. Still, there are plugins available that add some non-coding features to it for the non-techie.

If you’re looking to build a website with WordPress, I can help you! Some examples of things I can do for you:

  • Collaborating with designers to build themes and sites
  • Doing alterations on a theme you’ve purchased or built
  • Troubleshooting site problems – I’m extremely tenacious about finding answers
  • Moving or re-branding of sites
  • Converting sites to make them responsive (easy to read and navigate on phones and other smaller devices)
  • Lots more (just ask). I enjoy a challenge.

Even though WordPress can be used for a great many applications, it can’t do absolutely everything. If I don’t believe that it’s the right tool for what you need, I will be honest and tell you that. In that case, I can either refer you out or use another CMS to build your site.

I will consider work on an ongoing or ad hoc basis. Because of the nature of the web, and the location of many of my clients, most of my work is done at a distance. I’m very comfortable and productive working this way, and I want my clients to be comfortable, too, so I stay in touch via email, Skype, phone, or other means as necessary. I offer excellent quality work at competitive prices. Contact me and tell me about your project, or take a look at some examples of my work.