A Way To Stop the Highly Annoying Nokia Boot Sound Jingle on Android

Notice I didn’t say how to get rid of it entirely. This is not a panacea – it’s a workaround with a couple of fairly easy steps. The actual fix isn’t too tough to do, but has caveats. Here you go:

When you’re about to shut down your phone, swipe down from the top of the phone. This should show the top menu icons and your notifications below that, if any, like so. I’ve added a red arrow that shows the icon we’re looking for, the “Do Not Disturb” button. Click that so it turns blue. See below….

Shut off your phone. (No need to do this immediately if you’re going to use the phone for awhile – you can shut down later and see if the sound is gone the next time you boot)

The next time you start your phone, it should be nice and quiet. Important! Be aware that when you boot the phone, you’ll want to undo the above procedure, or you won’t hear calls and notifications! To do that:

  • Just like the instructions above, swipe down from the top.
  • Click Do Not Disturb (turning it off!).

Annoying, I know. Some people may prefer having the annoyances in order to make sure they don’t miss any calls by mistake. But at least this method is easier than digging into the confusing system options.

I have to assume that Nokia’s overly aggressive marketing department is responsible for making it nearly impossible to shut that dumb sound off. I give them a failing grade for that, although with Nokia’s stock tanking, they may be desperate.

Apart from that, I think my Nokia 7.1 phone has been pretty nice. It came with the Android One program in effect, so I’ve gotten a bunch of Android system upgrades, probably lots more than most phone users get. It also came with less crapware than my previous Samsung Galaxy phone had.

With one update many months ago, suddenly an option appeared buried deep in the Sound settings which allowed me to shut off the jingle entirely! But as soon as the next Android update came out, that was removed.

I hope you find this helpful!

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