Should I Buy a Genesis WordPress Theme?

Of course! Especially if you’re clicking one of my affiliate links below. 🙂 But all seriousness aside….

When you read the sales copy of any WordPress theme company, it sounds like they have the greatest themes ever! People’s website needs vary tremendously, and I could pontificate about it for days. But I’m not a pontiff, so I’ll boil it down to some basics.

Isn't Emily lovely? Not a Genesis user, but if she were, I think she's be happy as a clam!
Isn’t Emily lovely? Not a Genesis user, but if she were, I think she’d be happy as a clam!

Genesis Themes Are Great For Many Types of People

  • Someone who wants to get the word out about their business and communicate with their current and potential buyers.
  • Someone who wants to sell things. Genesis and WordPress can be set up for e-commerce with the help of plugins.
  • Content marketers, via newsletters, blogging, and other means of getting your message out.
  • Those who want their site to use current technology, to have good SEO features and structure, to be built with quality code and security features, and to have lifetime support, all at a reasonable price.
  • A designer who has made a graphic design for a site, wants it built on a quality foundation. And while you’re at it, why not hire me to code it? 🙂
  • A WordPress developer who likes having a very solid foundation for building solid sites quickly, and having many programming features beyond those in stock WordPress. That person is like me. 🙂
  • Someone who really likes the Genesis theme designs. Some people will not, of course – every theme company’s style is different. Having said that, a bespoke design can also easily be built with Genesis by a developer.
  • Someone who can be happy with the design features of their chosen theme nearly as-is. If not…
  • Someone who can politely ask for help on the Genesis forum, and is willing to try the suggestions offered. If not, or if forum questions do not bear fruit…
  • Someone who is willing to hire help if they get stuck.

Here’s a fresh new Genesis theme that has food and recipes in mind, but its clean look could be used for many other types of sites: Foodie.

But in my lengthy experience building sites, the truth is that I know that no one theme company or site system will work for everyone.

People Who Won’t Be Happy With Genesis:

Beulah just found out that Genesis will not instantly turn her into a pro designer.
Beulah just found out that Genesis will not instantly turn her into a pro designer.

Anyone who is unwilling to touch any site code

…even if it’s a very small bit and they’re shown how to do it. Genesis themes are carefully constructed, but a buyer may not like some part of a theme’s appearance. Genesis isn’t one of these themes that has a 22-page admin panel for every possible tiny appearance quirk on a site. So it may be necessary to ask for help. There are people on the volunteer Genesis forums who will make suggestions and offer code samples (I’m one of those). And official Genesis tech support may help, too – that’s included with your theme purchase. But some buyers get upset at having to alter any code. There’s still one way out, and that’s hiring somebody competent to do what they want, but there are people who feel that their expenditures should end with buying the theme. They will not be happy.

Inveterate Tinkerers

If someone wants to constantly make changes on their site, sooner or later they’ll hit a wall with the plain WordPress admin interface, let alone the Genesis admin panel. They may respond by buying a super-tricked-out Themeforest theme that promises the world and more, and they’re often still not happy – I see this all the time, and part of my job involves doing alterations for people with these monster themes that still don’t do what they want.

People Looking For Special Purpose Sites

Well-coded WordPress themes are very flexible, within reason. But anything unusual may not be possible with stock Genesis child themes. Obviously, theme companies want to sell stuff, so they tend to make things that will appeal to the most people. To clarify, it IS possible to make an unusual custom-made theme with Genesis as the basis, that’s what I do when making custom sites for people. But you’d have to hire people, a developer, maybe a designer, etc. Here are some types of sites that regular Genesis themes will not easily cover, at least without the help of plugins, and possibly extensive alterations:

  • Tech support sites
  • Forums
  • Wikis
  • Groupware
  • Portals
  • Sites that are radically different from the norm. Think famous bands, artists, people deliberately trying to be odd, weevils, etc.
Waldo's reaction upon discovering that Genesis is not an adequate replacement for Viagra.
Waldo’s reaction upon discovering that Genesis is not an adequate replacement for Viagra.

Alert readers may have noticed that it’s tricky to get these types of themes from any theme company. WordPress itself, versatile though it may be, may not always be appropriate for some needs. I’m a WordPress and Genesis advocate (OK, freak!), but I know enough to refer people out when it’s best to do so. If you have questions, pertinent thoughts, or just know some good geek jokes, please add your comments below!

I’m Your Man!

To have me build your Genesis site, please contact me. Despite my Genesis fanboy status, I’m also happy to work with WordPress themes and components from other companies!

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