If You Need Your Computer Repaired in Syracuse, talk to Alan Detor!

As a web developer, when something goes wrong with a website, I’m all over it. But when the computer itself has a problem that I’m not familiar with, it’s a bit scary. Fortunately, I found a great source for help.

It’s Hot!

Ouch! Must have been running with scissors.
Ouch! Must have been running with scissors.

The other day, my computer just decided not to start. Instead of going through the usual rigmarole that computers do when you turn them on, there was just a 3 word error message on a black screen, and then the machine just shut off. It seemed ominous. I did some online research using my wife’s computer. I found a variety of ideas, but none were conclusive, and some prognoses were not good.

Though I’m really a software guy, in the past I have installed memory, cooling fans, power supplies, and other hardware. It can be satisfying, save a few dollars, and even be a little fun. But this time around, I decided to seek help. It’s easy to damage the innards of a computer, especially in the tight quarters of a laptop. My wife did a search, and found Alan Detor, whose online reviews were glowing. I called his number, and he replied very promptly, spoke with me about the situation, and arranged a meeting.

He was very friendly, and gave me a frank assessment of what he thought the problem causes might be. He explained everything clearly, outlined costs, and was careful to not over-promise. During the repair process, he kept me informed at each step of the way.

The Fix Is In!

Mr. Computer Man - Shabba!
Mr. Computer Man – Shabba!

He finished the job in an excellent turnaround time, and I was delighted, because this particular machine is my workhorse for web development. Speaking with him, I found that he works on a very wide variety of computer hardware. He also handles things like virus removal, and even some recovery of damaged hard drives. The whole process went extremely well – Alan is a real professional and a super guy. He goes the extra mile – check him out!

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