Possible Fix For Missing App Icons On Chrome New Tab Page

Over a period of a couple months, I noticed that my Chrome browser performance was slowly deteriorating. When starting it up, it seemed to take longer and longer to show its home page, which is essentially its “new tab” page.

Thumbs Down On The Apps For That

The thumbnail image links to recently visited sites would load really slowly. The app icons, the small ones in the upper right corner, would take the longest. It got to the point where the app icons would not appear, but a browser reload might help, or even just putting focus on the browser by clicking on it with the mouse.

Then the app icons just quit altogether. I looked at various Google forum posts – some recommended a browser re-install, which I tried to no avail. I had also done the usual steps of clearing the browser’s cache.

How did the browser know my name? Oh, wait, that isn't my name. But that's my face before coffee. LLAP!
How did the browser know my name? Oh, wait, that isn’t my name. But that’s my face before coffee. LLAP!

Surprise For Head Slap

What finally worked was amazingly simple. One day I spontaneously decided to delete all the thumbnail image links (which also appear on any “new tab” page). This is done by hovering over each icon and clicking the “X” that appears in the upper right corner. Voila! This instantly got the app icons back and also seemed to make the browser load faster upon launch!

Good Clean Love – Without Utensils

Why did this work? I’m not sure; many of Chrome’s workings are hidden. I would guess that the thumbnail images may have become corrupt and were interfering with the browser’s boot process.

I hope this helps you!

UPDATE – After getting lots of complaints about Chrome’s performance, Google pushed out an update around the beginning of October 2015 that seems to re-shuffle the loading order of browser processes. This did appear to help with the consistency of the topmost icon links! Now I’ve found that the thumbnail links to recently visited sites may not load without refreshes. 🙂 Still, I’ll accept that for now because the upper links are most important to me. 

Also, I have been able to speed up the appearance of the thumbnail links by disabling some browser extensions, several of them being for web development in my case. So if you have a lot of them, you might try experimenting with that.


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