SEO Spam, Now Coming Your Way from India!

Like any webmaster, I try to find ways to combat spam. I use a host of tools that do a great job in keeping it minimal, especially the automated garbage. Still, a few nonsense things get through.

After scratching my head wondering how these stragglers got in, I realized that these are examples of the latest crop of dummies pimping their SEO services from India. Their schtick is to hire actual humans to send spam. By using real people, they can pass by higher-quality Captcha implementations, which would stop most automated spam. What gave it away was the India broadband providers whose servers were used to send the emails. Mystery solved!

That said, I’m sure the human automatons they hire are paid next to nothing, and that’s sad.

Another way the SEO spam firms try to keep this on the down low is to use Anglo pseudonyms. They aren’t even that imaginative – they keep using the same names and Gmail addresses, and those names are starting to show up in articles and angry anti-spam forum posts. Here is a related article about this.

I’ve even seen legit SEO firms bemoaning the fact that this practice cheapens their field. How do you know that an SEO person is not a scam artist? There’s no sure way, but if they contact you without your asking, there’s a great chance that it’s BS.

So if you get an unsolicited email flogging SEO services, that’s probably what it is. Bunk. You’ve been warned!

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