Possible Fix For Missing App Icons On Chrome New Tab Page

Over a period of a couple months, I noticed that my Chrome browser performance was slowly deteriorating. When starting it up, it seemed to take longer and longer to show its home page, which is essentially its “new tab” page. Thumbs Down On The Apps For That The thumbnail image links to recently visited sites … Read more

Web Design Haikus

Revolting Development Here are some bits of hard-won web design wisdom presented in bite-sized chunks. That site is gorgeous! Top custom work achieves that Options panels won’t WordPress themes are great But don’t make you an artist You will need more skills My CMS rocks! It’s better than the others Just because it’s mine Those … Read more

Why Is My Web Developer or Designer So Bad?

One of the worst sites ever

Woe Is I You hired someone to make your new website, but things have gone so badly, and your site is either unfinished or awful. What happened? As in any profession, web developers and designers may be deficient. Examples: They might simply not have the skills they need, or they’re inexperienced and don’t even know … Read more